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Shyft Studios


Create a brand that disrupts an industry.


Disrupting the music sector of the entertainment industry by elevating women in hip-hop and rap. 


Shyft Studios provides a safe space in Chicago that offers mentorship needed to grow female rappers, producers and engineers in order to curate a culture of sisterhood and confidence that girls and women need in order to compete and excel in male dominated spaces.


Industry Issues

  • Women don't feel comfortable in male dominated spaces

  • Male engineers try to take the creative reigns of women's work and do not listen to their direction

  • There is a "only one" mentality surrounding women in the rap industry which is not conducive to networking and collaboration

Chicago Issues

  • Schools are removing arts programs from the curriculum

  • We could bring music back to students outside of school

  • Chicago has an emerging female rap presence


  • This will allow our talent to have hands on guidance and easy access to knowledge needed to grow


Our research began with simple online searches. We found a plethora of articles that eluded to the degradation of women in the hip-hop industry. The problems were endless: from the industry fostering unhealthy competition to women being unsafe in male dominated studios, it was clear that there was a need for a space for them to flourish, not just an app or website. Our team quickly decided to make an all woman co-working studio space that offered collaboration, workshops and mentorship.

Next, we ventured to a local recording studio in Richmond. Joe Jager, founder of GoodPeeples Studios was happy to meet with us. He confirmed our research about women feeling uncomfortable in studios with men by explaining that although his space is open 24 hours a day, women do not often come at night. What was most helpful about the visit was his breakdown of the financial side of owning a recording studio. Joe explained that many expenses are mostly one tie costs with small replacement payments over the years. Start up would definitely be as expensive as we thought, but it wouldn't be expensive forever. He also helped us figure out our membership and studio feed. Our meeting with Joe ultimately helped solidify out original concept and work out technical issues as we moved forwars.

User Journey

Welcome to Shyft

The core values of Shyft are the heart of the brand. Because the space was created upon the uplifting and protection of female recording artists, the values reflect that.


Shyft's co-working space comes alive through its website. The website serves as a vehicle of knowledge for interested women as well as a hub for members to book studios and view events once they log in. Three flows that our group expanded upon were the membership, mentorship and booking a room.


The prototype of Shyft's website was tested amongst people in our target market (ages 16-26) both male and female. As a result of testing we were able to work out a few inconsistencies in our flow and correct the continuity of our color palettes. The most important piece of feedback we received came via Shyft's Instagram. An interested young girl who came across our page asked how fast she could apply and start using our space, which confirmed our value as a brand.


  • Treasure Brown (Experience Designer)

  • Kelsey Cowan (Experience Designer)

  • Me


  • Concept

  • Research

  • Interaction Designer

    • Flows​

    • Microanimations

    • Prototype