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Enhance this nonprofit company as a brand to help them better serve their members and target audience.


Elevate Out'N'About by changing their logo, creating a brand guide and creating an app that members and their parents could use to set them apart from their competitors.

Who is #Out'N'About?

Out'N'About is a nonprofit organization that encourages college-aged people with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) to get out of the house, find their community and participate in activities they normally not consider. This organization not only uplifts them and their families, but even helps them gain jobs at places like the Library of Congress.

Research and Insights

All of our decisions to enhance Out'N'About were driven by in-depth research on IDD, public opinion and color theory.


A logo should not only be memorable, it should represent the brand's mission. We surveyed 20 people and asked them to guess what kind of business Out'N'About seemed like. No one guessed that this was a nonprofit that helped people with disabilities. Because of the location pins and map people thought this was a study abroad program or hiking club. Most people didn't realize it was an organization at all because of the hashtag. This brought us to our first recommendation: removing the pound sign from the name so the company could be viewed as a credible establishment.

The logo that we proposed for Out'N'About was inspired by a dandelion. Although dandelions start off as a flower with all of its seed heads connected t the center, they eventually break off and become flowers on their own. It represents a ritual of growth, leaving the nest, and expansion. This cycle is symbolic to Out'N'About's values because the organization is a community that connects oyung dults with IDD, but also because they help these young adult lead their own independent lives.



As seen in the animation, the logo comes together in a circular formation, representing inclusion. And the seed heads are shaped like people to portray the members of Out'N'About. Holistically, the design is minimalistic and it encompasses the mission statement.

Brand Guide

For re-branding needs, we also put together a style guide. Most non-profits use colors such as red or blue, so we created a palette that would distinguish Out'N'About from other organizations. 

Our logo design uses colors from three primary hues: orange, green and gray. These were chosen based on color psychology that best associates certain emotions with Out'N'About. Orange stimulates energy and excitement. Green invokes growth. And lastly, gray is a neutral tone that represents timelessness. 

We also chose new typography. Both of these typefaces capture a light-hearted style without sacrificing professional tone. They're easy to read in any font size, which will give flexibility when creating heavily worded content.

The App

We decided to create an app that would assist users in their confidence and independence, even when they are not with Out'N'About, by giving them daily tasks. The app's tasks are based off of 6 ISS learning skills: self direction, self expression, wellness, self care, social skills and life skills. Heavy research was done to ensure that the targeted learning skills had appropriate activities to challenge the user and help them learn. For example, self direction would start with simple tasks like entering a home or friend's address, then move up to orienting yourself around a space by taking pictures of memorable landmarks. 

The idea of adding a parent/guardian side to the app was introduced when researching other activities. For most tasks that relate to social skills, and app would have no way to approve its completion. Because most students with IDD live with a parent or guardian, they would receive a notification in order to approve the activity or send the student a message to try again. The parent would also be able to see the badges the student had earned and if the student has skipped a task. Lastly, they would also have a list of upcoming events so they could still be active with the organization.

Low-Fi Sketches

App Prototype


We had multiple people test the app's prototype to gauge the accessibility and use. Most importantly, to fit the target audience of Out'N'About, we were able to have college aged students with disabilities test the app. This ensured that the type was the right size and the copy was still readable with the color palette.


  • Stevenson Cerillo (Copywriter)

  • Cara Hanson (Copywriter)

  • Jan Junloy (Art Direction)

  • Aaron Lee (Strategist)

  • Michelle Lee (Creative Brand Management)

  • Matteo Meola (Art Direction)

  • Me (Experience Designer)

My Roles

  • Research

  • Concept

  • Wireframing

  • App Prototype