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Create a chat bot to enhance Chick-fil-A's user experience.


Expand the dine-in experiences at Chick-fil-A to better serve busy parents.

Online Research

Searching Chick-fil-A online taught us that their social media is lifestyle oriented and centered around families and their children. Chick-fil-A also promotes their idea of "second mile" service: meaning where most companies try to go the "extra mile for their customers, they will go above and beyond.

In Person Research

Every visit to Chick-fil-A is notable for the friendly staff, which is due to their emphasis on training. The most distinctive aspect of the employees' kind nature is the custom of saying "My pleasure" instead of simply saying "Thank you". This practice is completely in accordance with their "second mile" service.


Our personas are a mother and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia. Gracie is still at the age where she loves to spend time with her mother, Monica. They both enjoy eating at Chick-fil-A and often have play dates with other parents and children. When visiting the restaurant during peak hours, it can be hard for Monica to find a table, especially in an ideal area such as near the play area. 

Meet MooLissa 

Age: 20 years old, which is 90 years old in cow years. This means she is an adequate range of the people who actually work at the restaurant

Personality: ISFJ

Job: Make Reservations

Quote from MooLissa: "I believe that every customer is my best friend, and I want to ensure everyone has a great time at Chick-fil-A."

Chat Flow

Conversations with MooLissa would ultimately result in reservations for a specific table at Chick-fil-A to alleviate the stress of finding seating for parents. Customers would also have the option to place a quick order and pay through the chat as well.

The Chick-fil-A One App

Users most frequently interact with Chick-fil-A through their app so this would be the best place to have the MooLissa chat bot. Chatting with MooLissa would be an option when making an order.


Several people tested MooLissa in order to gauge the ease and efficiency of the chat bot. Testing helped us iron out some bugs and make the conversational flow of the bot more realistic.



  1. Melissa Poe (Experience Designer)

  2. Jeremy Stokes (Experience Designer)

  3. Me 

My Roles

  • Research

  • Interface Mock Ups

  • Chat Bot Construction 

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