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Acquired knowledge with a lifelong impact


I never saw myself as much of a leader before college. I attended VCU's Ram Camp for Leadership Training as an incoming freshman simply to move in early, but the week of activities really opened my eyes. Because leadership training was my introduction to the university, I quickly became active on campus. I was an avid member of our NAACP on the community involvement committee and I became a Ram Camp leader to mentor freshmen after me. Later on into my college years I became an Orientation leader, the historian and Vice President of an organization I helped found and the PR Chair of my sorority.


Being a leader in multiple aspects of my college life taught me the different roles of a leader. I know that leaders don't only tell people what to do, but set an example for them. 

PR Chair

When I held this position for my chapter it was my responsibility to make flyers and poster boards to represent our sorority's events and mission.